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Marios Diamonds is a leading company in the retail sector of gold and diamond jewellery in Paphos. Founded in 1987 by Mr George Georgiou the business originally retailed silver jewellery and pottery with the name; ADM Jewellery.The former owner of several emerald mines in Zambia with years of experience in precious gem stones and trade did not intend to stay with silver. In 1989 Mr Georgiou fulfilled his vision and replaced silver with gold, diamonds and other precious gemstones and ever since, his business became synonymous to excellence and artistic perfection.

 Mr Georgiou decided to rename the business after his son’s name Marios in 2000 when he realized that his child from a very young age showed great curiosity, interest and love in jewellery design and precious stones. The father’s dream is to pass on the company to his son to continue the family tradition in the jewellery industry.

Today Marios diamonds can proudly claim to have a wide selection of products with creative, innovative designs made of the finest quality materials such as diamonds certified by HRD and EGL.  The company provides a big variety of products with precious gem stones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires on beautifully crafted jewellery to satisfy all different styles. A wide selection on high level, luxury watches such as Tag Heuer and Longines is also available in the shop. The company’s priority is to provide the best possible service to all clients and ensure the most reasonable prices on all products. Marios diamonds is a family business with a deep passion and love for jewellery promising the highest quality and art at its best. 


Poseidonos Avenue Semeli house10/11 Kato Paphos,Cyprus

PO Box 62006 - 8060 - Paphos

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Tel: +357 26941060   Fax:+357 26936509


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